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Crown of Pain match-3 RPG is officially out

crown of pain match-3 rpg game gets a full release on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Crown of Pain match-3 RPG game gets a full release on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the combined expertise of Jagit Games and Coldwild Games for crafting such an enthralling experience. Available now on Steam with Positive reviews after more than two years of Early Access.

I want to share my experience with Crown of Pain, a title that brilliantly blends match-3 mechanics with RPG elements. This isn’t just another casual puzzle venture; it’s a deep, engaging journey that immerses you in a gritty medieval setting on Linux and Steam Deck.

First off, let’s talk about the core of Crown of Pain – the match-3 RPG mechanic. It’s not just about lining up three similar items. Here, each match directly influences your team’s actions in battle. While different colors trigger different hero abilities, adding a strategic layer to each move you make. It’s also a smart twist that elevates the gameplay, making every decision crucial.

The heroes in this world are far from ordinary. Each has their own backstory, filled with struggles and challenges, which they hope to overcome by finding the fabled artifact. Crown of Pain isn’t just a quest for glory; it’s a match-3 RPG personal journey for each character. Since their diverse abilities and stories add a rich layer to the gameplay. Since you’re not just playing to win but to explore each hero’s story.

Crown of Pain – Early Access Trailer

Customization is a key feature here. You’re not locked into a fixed team; you have the freedom to mix and match heroes and abilities. This opens up numerous strategies and team synergies in this match-3 RPG, ensuring that no two Crown of Pain play throughs are the same. Whether you prefer a direct approach or a more tactical battle plan, you can tailor your team to suit your style.

The atmosphere is another standout aspect. The title doesn’t shy away from depicting a harsh, unforgiving medieval world. This grim setting of isn’t just for show; it influences every part of the experience. Right from the visuals to the storylines of your heroes. It’s a world that demands your best, pushing you to strategize carefully and think on your feet.

Navigating the map is an adventure in itself. You’re not just hopping from one battle to the next; you’re exploring a vast world, filled with challenges and surprises. And as you progress, the opportunity to upgrade and evolve your heroes also keeps the journey fresh and engaging.

Crown of Pain match-3 RPG is a rich, strategic experience that blends match-3 mechanics with deep RPG elements. Taking place in a world that’s both captivating and challenging. For anyone looking for something more than the usual puzzle fare. It’s available now on Steam for Linux, Steam Deck (playable), Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $3.99 USD / £3.19 / 3,99€ with the 20% discount.

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