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Crucible Falls co-op horror to get native release

crucible falls together forever co-op first person horror release in linux windows games

Crucible Falls: Together Forever [official website] is a co-op first person horror game for Windows, and likely coming to Linux. Which is also the first release from studio Bakeneko Games that requires two people to play. Developed using Unreal Engine 4 and available now, on Steam.

We reached out to the studio for further platform support.

Linux release:

“It’s definitely my intention to port it to as many systems as I can. I can’t really give a timeline though quite yet.”

Since a Linux port is definitely in the mix. The developers also do not have a specific release date in mind just yet. But will, “definitely let you know as soon as I can give a less wishy-washy answer.”
Bakeneko Games are on the same page and continue to work with the community. Which is also explained in the recent Steam post to “improve the future games in this series.” Which is also a leak, but there will be more to come.

The Story

“He plays a game with them… separates them… he comes back at sundown…. You don’t want him to come back…”

Finn and Lucy were on their last trip together before college. So they passed through a town that wasn’t on any map called Crucible Falls. As they left, passing the picturesque coast and lighthouse, their car suddenly broke down.

That’s when the “man from the doors” took them.

Separated in different parts of an abandoned sanitation station. This is where you and a partner will need to use your communication and wits. Helping each other meet up and escape the killers strange traps.

Crucible Falls: Together Forever Horror Trailer (Windows, and soon Linux)


Crucible Falls : Together Forever is a 2 player Co-Op Horror Escape game. This is essential to how the game works.

So this means you and a friend will need to use your communication skills to try and figure out various puzzles and riddles in order to advance through the game.


Crucible Falls is a two player ONLY game. So you MUST either have a microphone enabled, within speaking distance or just jump in our Discord in voice.

Steam release:

Crucible Falls: Together Forever is available now on Steam for Windows, priced at $4.99 USD. While the Linux release will be coming soon. We will have more details soon.

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