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Crumbling World new patch and native Demo

crumbling world new patch and native demo for linux mac windows pc

Crumbling World new patch and native Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Dani Marti. Which is available now on the official Steam page. Now to mention the game also have 90% Positive reviews.

Crumbling World is certainly a great game. Having also played early builds prior to release. Therefore it’s a pleasure to be able to share positive news with this native Demo. While you take on the quest to risk it all and save the world. Taking on one of the world’s five regions in order to face the source of the corruption.

Dani Marti releases a new demo that includes the same features in the game. Along with improvements for the full Crumbling World release. Along with a further announcement on Twitter.

In this demo you can play the first Region “The Dark Forest”. This region also includes 5 procedurally generated sub-levels. While you take on a Mini Boss and a Boss. You can choose from 7 different characters and 3 different difficulty levels. So be sure to save and load your games. Then unlock steam achievements and much more.

Crumbling World Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Besides the Crumbling World demo. Dani Marti is working very hard to keep fixing bugs and improving for the game. The new patch 1.1.0 is out and available only on Steam. For a full breakdown, check out the changelog below.

Changelog for Patch 1.1.0:

  • Fixed Steam Achievements
  • Improved Transition Screens
  • Mechanical Lord Bug with attack
  • Change Portal Spawn to Visited Cells
  • A fix with waterfall sounds
  • Improved Graphics (colors and saturation)
  • Adjusted Trap Damagee
  • Improved Weather cams
  • Fixing Audio Infraworld
  • Plus a fix for Camera Focal Length Issues
  • A new fixed for the Bug Raven Quest
  • Fixed Bug in Hubs, sometimes were unreachable
  • Improved Wanderers Spawner
  • Fixed Issues with UI scale
  • NPC Blacksmith Improved AI

What to expect in Crumbling World

Arcade-style Dungeon Crawling

More than Hack & Slash

  • Pick from 7 characters across 5 class types, wielding sword, axe, bow, magic or the elements themselves. Since each has unique loadouts, abilities, upgrades and bittersweet backstories.

Randomly Generated Worlds

  • Seamlessly explore 25 diorama-like levels across 5 unique regions, procedurally generated to maximise replayability.

Crumbling World new patch and native Demo are available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which is certainly keeping exclusive to Steam, for now. This is a fanatastic old-school dungeon crawler has plenty of hack and slash mayhem. Even more, the games only priced at $14.99 USD. Gameplay certainly challenges you to risk it all.

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