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CryEngine shows plans for Vulkan support

CryEngine show definite plans for vulkan api support

CryEngine release version shows hope for Linux users

According to recent #updates, the middle of October, #Crytek should be rolling Vulkan API support.

The roadmap has been released, including specific #details about the upcoming CryEngine 5.2 and 5.3.

Version 5.2 is set with DirectX 12 multi-GPU support, the complete DX12 renderer, then full C++11 support for engine code, possibly PhysX support and even more.

Now, with version 5.3 due out in mid-October, the developers have planned full support for the Vulkan API. Along with other graphics and rendering updates, audio improvements, sandbox enhancements and still more.

Hopefully by then we will see the release of Homefront: The Revolution on Linux, with Vulkan support.