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CRYENGINE V revealed at GDC 2016 on a “pay what you want” basis


Crytek unveiled the newest CryEngine toolkit at GDC 2016. Keeping with #competitors Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, the engine does not come with a massive upfront #license fee. CRYENGINE V can be accessed on a “pay what you want” basis, providing access to “the engine’s feature-set and full engine source code”. And all payments made can be forwarded to Crytek’s #IndieDevelopmentFund, up to 70 percent.

Of course, CryEngine 5 will feature expanded support for VR development, the HTC Vive, OSVR, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR named among the headsets supported. Other new features include C# compatibility, advanced volumetric cloud system, FMOD Studio support and even more.

The latest evolution of CRYENGINE also introduces CRYENGINE Marketplace. The Marketplace will enable developers to access individual assets from Crytek’s own library, as well as thousands of materials, sounds, and 3D objects created by the CRYENGINE community and other trusted vendors.

Here are the details form CRYENGINE V press release:

  • C# Enabled: A new API that allows developers who know C# to start scripting in CRYENGINE V right away. 
  • Reworked Low Overhead Renderer: Significantly increases the performance of today’s hardware in graphically intensive applications. 
  • DirectX 12 support: Utilize the latest branch of DirectX to take greater control of hardware resources. 
  • Advanced Volumetric Cloud System: Optimized for VR to give clouds full 3D spatial rendering for higher quality with minimal performance hit.
  • New particle system: Create stunning real-time fluid effects, handled almost entirely on the GPU.
  • A new launcher and UI: Navigate CRYENGINE more intuitively thanks to a streamlined UI which includes realigned features and new icon groupings.
  • FMOD Studio support: Allowing greater flexibility in audio middleware selection.
  • CRYENGINE Answers: A dedicated channel where the CRYENGINE community can share questions and answers.

Crytek’s Founder, CEO & President, Cevat Yerli, said: “CRYENGINE V represents our commitment to not only offering developers today’s most advanced engine technology, but also to making it as accessible as possible. The arrival of CRYENGINE Marketplace, the revamped engine UI, and new support channels will make it easier than ever to tap into the power of CRYENGINE – at a price that feels comfortable for each and every individual. Community is at the heart of our Pay What You Want Model, which we hope will foster closer collaboration between us and developers as well as developers amongst themselves.”

Meanwhile, Crytek is still developing games: here’s new footage from its debut VR effort The Climb:

The full details are on the full press release, and for those interested in the game engine itself, check out CryEngine website, while CRYENGINE on Linux documentation is also available.