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Crying Suns rogue-lite almost funded on Kickstarter

crying suns rogue-lite almost funded on kickstarter for mac windows linux

Crying Suns rogue-lite tactical game almost funded on Kickstarter for Mac and Windows, and possibly Linux. We reached out to indie studio Alt Shift regarding support. With some surprising news since the campaigns 85% funded (with a €25,000 pledge goal).

Linux Support:

“As Unity3D supports Ubuntu and SteamOS, there is a good chance that we release a Linux build as well but we are limited to these versions. We might put this in a stretch goal if we have the opportunity.
It really depends on how many people would like to get the game on this platform. We might do a little survey on this question.”

So at this point, a survey would be somewhat pointless. Since the Kickstarter is almost funded. Therefore cast your vote via the Kickstarter Comments section. Since the release is not that far off, December 2018 (Steam and GOG). And being that development uses Unity 3D, this is a huge bonus for Linux.

Crying Suns tactical rogue-lite Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, Mac, ideally Linux)

Crying Suns is a story-driven tactical rogue-lite game. Where players navigate through an infinity of detailed and violent planetary systems. Choosing your path to the boss carefully while managing limited resources. Also avoiding bloodthirsty enemy ships hunting you in the darkness of outer space.

The style of gameplay seems similar to that of FTL mixed with Halcyon 6. Since you explore the galaxy as a space fleet commander. Which also includes a deep story-driven game experience. Taking on the roll of Ellys Idaho, admiral of the NS-Odysseus Battleship.

Gameplay Features:

  • Tactical Real Time with Pause fights,
  • Story events in which you have to choose an issue whose consequences can be positive or negative.
  • Planet exploration by your team, searching for resources.
  • Itinerary choices on a map of stars, which is procedurally-generated at each run.

As a deep story-driven game experience, each successful run will have you uncover a part of the underlying truth around the fall of the galactic Empire.

The Kickstarter campaign also has a Demo available. The playable Demo (available for Windows and Mac), downloadable for free. Where you can explore a part of the first chapter.

Crying Suns Kickstarter campaign is available for Windows and Mac, but with enough support a Linux port could very well happen.