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Crying Suns roguelike release will rely on Proton

crying suns roguelike release will rely on proton for linux mac windows pc

Crying Suns new tactical roguelike will rely on Proton for Linux, but with native releases for Mac and Windows PC. After reaching out to developer Alt Shift. The games also due to release this week on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

Crying Suns is due to release tomorrow, September 19th, 2019. Again, available for Mac and Windows PC. But regarding Linux support, it looks like Proton is it. Reaching out to developer Alt Shift. And also following the Linux Discussion thread. Hoping for some rather good news.

Linux Support:

The game is not optimized for Linux. Although some of our players said that they played via Proton without any issues.
Could you confirm?

This is the email reply for Crying Suns. Since I have had the game on Steam for a couple of weeks. It’s clear that Unity 3D is being used for development. And also, Mac and Windows PC have support. So the only remaining platform is Linux.
That being said, there are others who feel the same. But when it comes to Proton support, the game runs pretty well. Although as stated, it’s “not optimized”.
Similarly, I do hope I’m wrong and Alt Shift releases native Linux port.

Crying Suns tactical roguelike Teaser

Crying Suns is a tactical roguelike. Gameplay puts you in the role of a space fleet commander. While you explore a mysteriously fallen empire. Inspired by classics such as Dune and Foundation. The game brings a story-rich twist to the rogue-lite genre.

In Crying Suns you play a clone of Admiral Ellys Idaho. A weapon fashioned from the flesh. Not to mention the best Imperial Admiral ever to battle.
You have been awoken on planet Gehenna. Thanks to a strange and darkly-humorous Guardian, Kaliban. The last functional OMNI to exist.

Your mission: skillfully command a battleship. While making your way through the Empire’s now chaotic, violent clusters. Where one wrong move could be your last adventure in Crying Suns. As you try to reactivate the OMNIs and save the future of all humankind. But you must leave Gehenna now…. as time has almost run out.


  • Tactical, real-time battles between fleets. Pause time to plan out your attacks strategically.
  • More than 300 possible story events to keep each run unique.
  • A deep and dramatic storyline structured into 6 chapters.
  • A beautiful mix of pixel art and 3D graphics.

Crying Suns is due to release on Thursday, September 19th. Priced at $24.99 USD (20,99 €). Launching on Mac and Windows PC. While Linux support will be available via Proton. Available from Humble Store, GOG and Steam.