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CryoFall MMO developer committed to support

cryoFall mmo developer committed to support for linux windows pc

CryoFall developer is still committed to support for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from AtomicTorch Studio. The games also doing well on Humble Store and Steam Early Access. Reviews are a solid 82% Very Positive.

The multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall is doing well on Steam. Which has been in Early Access since April 3, 2019. And now also releasing the Mechanized Update. The games biggest update so far. With major improvements to guns and ballistics. While upgrading the projectile traces and hit sparks. Making weapon fire more realistic.

CryoFall also has a total rebalancing of the electricity system. So that building your electricity grid is more viable. Since you can build sustainable electricity production for your structures. Which is available in both PvP and PvE servers.

So now with all of these changes. This also prompted a Linux update for CryoFall. And it seems AtomicTorch Studio are still committed to support.

Linux Support:

There is noticeable progress by MonoGame team. Microsoft even made HLSL compiler opensource. Which is a huge step towards portability (as we can compile HLSL shaders on the players’ PC in Linux. And then transform them to GLSL with other tools).
So, as originally planned we will have Linux support for release for sure. And if more tools become available that can make cross platform compatibility a bit easier. We might even do that sooner (and I certainly hope so!).

As previously mentioned – we are committed to have all of our games available on Linux!

While there is no release date for CryoFall on Linux yet. The full release is due to arrive in April 2020. However, since AtomicTorch are putting the time into the development of the game. This could also mean an early release for Linux. Since Proton support still borks.

CryoFall – What’s new since launch

CryoFall drops players into the shoes of a spaceship crash survivor. But you also comes across dozens of others along the way. So the aim is to discover the hidden and story of the planet. And of course, work through the many hazards along the way.

Players will join servers that support up to 200 characters at the same time. Allowing each one to evolve and create a unique world and gameplay experience.

Brilliantly delivered in 2D, players can cooperate to create their own cities, establish active economies and industries, or pillage what other survivors have managed to put together.

CryoFall is due to release in April 2020 on Windows PC. While Linux support is still due at this time or earlier. The games available on both Humble Store and Steam Early Access. Priced at $19.99 USD.

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