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CryoFall multiplayer colony sim to rely on Proton

cryoFall sci-fi multiplayer colony sim survival to rely on proton for linux support with windows pc

CryoFall sci-fi multiplayer colony sim survival to rely on Proton for Linux with Windows PC. According recent details from developer AtomicTorch Studio. Currently available as a full release on Steam and Humble Store.

Developer AtomicTorch Studio are happy to announce the full release, on April 29th, 2021. Their online multiplayer colony sim meets survival RPG CryoFall is out. But support only shows a build for Windows PC. So I reached out to developer AtomicTorch Studio for their Linux plans. Here’s the reply:

So, for the linux, we actually did implement the support. But unfortunately not directly. We simply ensured that the game runs 100% perfectly with Proton.
It has platinum status there [actually Gold]. We worked with a few players and tested it ourselves to ensure perfect compatibility.
I wish we could do a proper port. But unfortunately we simply don’t have the resources to do that. And the development schedule is very tight.

The previous post for CryoFall stated, “we are committed to have all of our games available on Linux!” That plan has changed, now just offering Proton support. While this is still a plus, and yes, CryoFall is worth playing. Holding an 81% Very Positive review score on Steam. It also means the easier option is simply to rely on Proton. According to the reply above, this is due to the development schedule.
While surprised, at least the developer is commited to Proton support.

CryoFall Full Release Trailer

In CryoFall, players attempt to settle on a forgotten planet. Doing so by learning farming, industry, trading, exploration and more. All while building and living within a complex society. Starting out in a simple stone age, survivors progress through an detailed tech tree. Due to lead them all the way up to the space age. Right from hatchets and crossbows to battle mechs and plasma rifles. As a result, the game offers solid PvE servers for those who like to colonize in a peaceful setting. There are also PvP servers for players who enjoy battling their settings and each other.

Substantial feature list includes:

  • Complex crafting and industry. This includes oil refining and lithium mining.
  • Tech progress through the ages. While working from stone age, industrial, modern, futuristic, and sci-fi eras.
  • Farming with crop growth sim, composts, water routing, etc. CryoFall offers a wide range of cooking options. And also fishing.
  • Electrical system with a power grid sim. Build generators, storage buildings, and electricity uisers.
  • Civilian and military vehicles to explore the world faster. They can also be used in combat.
  • Bionic and robotic implants to build up your character. Doing so with new abilities or to boost stats.
  • Player driven economy but issuing a currency. Plus complex trading and automated vending machines run by players.
  • Carefully hand crafted game world (+ map editor).
  • A broad range of settings with several biomes. Such as temperate, desert, tropical, boreal, wasteland, volcanic, etc.
  • Complex CryoFall character sim. Including a range of various effects and outcomes.
  • Science! Chemistry, physics, medicine, and more.
  • Deep player relations with complex job options and faction system
  • Official and community hosted PvE, PvP, and modded servers.
  • Vast modding. This also includes real time code editing and open source game code.
  • In house developed Renkei Engine. This allows hundreds of players to be on a server at once.
  • A broad anti cheat defense system. Doing so using a unique, self developed system

CryoFall sci-fi multiplayer colony sim survival out on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15,99 / €19,99 / $29,99 AUS. Available for Windows PC, but playable via Proton on Linux.

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