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Crypt of the MEGAdancer is a MEGA Man mod available for Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer just got more interesting with a mod called #CryptoftheMEGAdancer for the dungeon crawling #rhythm #game.

This a total-conversion mod gives the roguelike a Mega Man look. Everything from the levels, enemies, items, and sound effects. The main character is replaced by Mega Man (obviously) along with other features from the Capcom’s franchise, all the way down to the menu sound effects.

This is amazing. the character quality is looks great, despite the mod making the title more difficult for anyone who already knows the gameplay. Not expecting the Mega Man foes to be replaced with different enemies, even their behavior changes, which is something very key in how you survive in the game.

The leaderboards and replays have support, but new cutscenes are still being added, along with one sprite being fixed so you can see it better, while the disco floors in Zone 3 have to changed to make “less visually noisy.”

What’s missing in the mod? The Mega Man music, which the creator left out on purpose, according to a Steam comment, “because I didn’t want to force people to Necrodance to 8-bit chiptunes. It would require even more effort to get used to, and a lot of the songs are really fast.” So if that does not convince you to check out the mod, the game already makes it possible to import your own music.

As it stands now, the download for the mod is free, either through the Steam Workshop or from the creator’s website if you own the GOG version (here is a direct link to the zip file). Once you have the mod installed, activate it by selecting the mod in the main menu. Easy peasy.


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