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Crypterion tycoon hybrid visual novel Kickstarter

crypterion tycoon hybrid visual novel game kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Crypterion tycoon style hybrid visual novel game now on Kickstarter for Windows PC, but also has plans for Linux. We reached out to developer Roencia with some surprising feedback. Who also just launched their crowdfunding campaign. Currently 31% funded while progressing to a $15,000 USD pledge goal.

Crypterion is a tycoon visual novel hybrid. Which is scheduled to release for Windows PC in 2020. But you can play it this year through a closed alpha on Kickstarter.

Crypterion enriches players in a story as the main protagonist. All while you run your own business.
There is also a reactive world around you. Since your choices shape who you are. And the story reflects your decisions. All leading to popularity, rivalries, friendships and romances.
With Crypterion it is a complete visual novel story. Which also branches into many different directions. So naturally it caught my attention. But no Linux support is listed on the Kickstarter campaign.

Linux Support:

The game engine is Game Maker 2. I’ve had no problems with it so far. GM2 comes with an Ubuntu export and a Mac export. And I’d like to use both of them. I’ve used the Mac export before and it was incredibly easy. I don’t expect the Linux port to be any different.

This is good news for Crypterion. Since we don’t see many games using Game Maker 2. So it looks like we will see a Linux port for the 2020 release.

Crypterion Kickstarter Trailer

Crypterion is incredibly open for community involvement. As part of the Kickstarter you can:

  1. Be in the game as a character
  2. Submit fan art for purchase in the gallery, auction house, markets, planet shops by other players.
  3. Help in creation of events and alien encounters


  • Managing a Company – Purchase cargo ships, trade in markets, or shuttle passengers. Also remember to pay your crew and taxes. While avoiding debt at all costs. Need a little help? Take out loans or make smart investments in stock/coin exchanges to get filthy rich. Appear on T.V. to boost popularity in Crypterion .
  • Card System with Endless Variety – Quick events and encounters. This helps break up the repetitive nature of buying and selling cargo. While using a card system that shuffles a plethora of different encounters you can have. You’ll come across aliens, ships, anomalies, and disasters. These events have 3 levels of difficulty: Green | Yellow | Red
  • Deep Relationship System – Your crew includes a variety of characters that are acquired by choice. Or come to you as part of the Crypterion story. Interact with them in different ways. Since they watch you, change and develop personalities. Literally because of your actions. Unlock traits, abilities, and give your ship officers gifts while on a date. They will help manage your company. While occasionally raising their hand during an auction for something they want.
  • Treasury and Power – Your riches are visually stored in your vault. Increase your popularity through your enormous wealth. Everything has a price. Decorate your treasury with elaborate objects of wealth and power. Obtain rare artefacts that change the course of the whole game. Along with giving you special abilities.

Crypterion End Game Content:

  • Rewarding End-Game Content – Build relationships that progress the entire game to new levels. Attend auctions and spend your earnings on rare only seen once items. These are made by Roencia or the community for Crypterion. Own even the plants themselves or go for the ultimate title of supreme emperor. Crushing all your competitors.

Crypterion is a tycoon hybrid visual novel on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign is definitely worth checking out. Coming to Windows PC, along with Linux and even Mac too.

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