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Crypto Is Dead puzzle simultion out on Steam

crypto is dead puzzle simultion games out on steam for linux mac and windows pc

Crypto Is Dead puzzle simulation games release on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer The Moon Pirates. Available now on Steam with a discount.

You will finally be able to show the world your passion for bills by becoming an expert in this field. Crypto Is Dead is a game from The Moon Pirates studio. The gameplay also offers a fresh take on the style invented by “Papers, Please“.
In the near future, the world’s cryptocurrency has collapsed. This also forces the government to reinstate the old currency. You, an expert and enthusiast, will make a fortune by verifying the authenticity of the bills.

Crypto is Dead – Trailer

Do you like money? Good, because you’ll see a lot of it during 30 days. Crypto Is Dead will test your observation skills. Despite your passion for bills, the task will not be easy. While time is passing, you will have to acquire more and more complicated machines to be more precise in your appraisals. But you know that, as a money lover, all work deserves a salary and you intend to make a fortune. So for each day of well done work, you will develop your bank. This includes your number of clients and therefore, your wallet. But be careful that your passion does not lead you to bankruptcy.


  • Procedurally generated bills
  • Beautiful Crypto Is Dead Pixel Art
  • Jazzy Soundtrack
  • Inspired by Papers, Please

Armed with your notes on ancient bills, you set up your new business. Then acquire some tools and open your bank, the day after this news. As a result, for the next month, you’ll have to help the financial system get back on its feet. All by Checking whether the bills deposited in your bank are genuine bills… or fake ones.

Crypto Is Dead is the second game of The Moon Pirates releases. But this puzzle simulation is the first self-published by the French studio. So yeah, the game is available now on Steam. Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $4.99 USD / €4.99 plus a 10% discount until July 30th.