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Crystal Defense FPS and native support

crystal defense fps games linux support beside windows pc

Crystal Defense FPS tower defense is available on Windows PC, be we have a support update for Linux. Thanks to developer Torni Games. Which is currently available on Steam.

Crystal Defense is for those who love first person shooters. But also happen to be fans of tower defense games. Indie studio Torni Games released such a game back on July 31st. While it only has a Windows PC build. There is also hope for a Linux release. So we reached out and received some interesting details.

Linux Support:

Crystal Defense is made with Unity.
I hadn’t considered a Linux port earlier. Because I’m unsure about testing it. I know the build process should be fairly straight forward with Unity.
I’ll start investigating the Linux version. See if I can bring it to Steam.

Having already played Crystal Defense via Proton at a Platinum level. The use of Unity 3D is no surprise. But the reply shows what many developers are up against. Even with a popular game engine that makes backing ports easy.
The release should be straight forward. And I have asked Torni Games about using the Beta Branch on Steam. So hopefully we will have more good news coming soon.

Crystal Defense Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

Crystal Defense is a sci-fi themed action filled FPS. Which also mixes in a hybrid of tower defense. Where you have to build and upgrade towers. Wield a dual purpose weapon to spray or snipe enemies.
While the actual art and mechanics behind the game seem simple. This also allows the game to run well on your hardware.

“While Crystal Defense is inspired by true classics. Such as Orcs Must Die! and Sanctum”, claims Jari Hynninen, solo developer at Torni Games. “Unlock new power ups to upgrade your guns. And blast dozens of unfriendly aliens”.


  • First Person Shooter-Tower Defense hybrid game.
  • Wield a dual purpose weapon to spray or snipe your enemies.
  • Build and upgrade towers.
  • Get a helping hand by unlocking power-ups to your weapon.

Crystal Defense FPS tower defense is available on Steam. Priced at $9.99 USD. The games built for Windows PC, but looks like it’s coming to Linux. Since the games already very playable via Proton.

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