Crytek releases major update with Linux, Android, and Oculus Rift support FINALLY!!!!

Crytek released version 3.8.1 of CryEngine, with a new OpenGL renderer support, so developers can publish CryEngine games on Linux and Android devices. Which also happens to include Oculus Rift support.
Crytek hopes to let developers support Android TV devices, which have been multiplying rather quickly. So the Linux update is great for developers looking for a cross-platform engine, of course, but this should pave the way for supporting the release of SteamOS-based Steam Machines this fall.

Crytek is experimenting with the ease-of-use feature in a new interface called “GameZero”. Offering a minimalist approach to CryEngine, so first time users can get a quick overview of how to use the engine’s core functionality. Which can also be a starting point for creating several types of games. While other features have been added, like support for 3ds Max 2016, Maya 2016, Motion Builder 2016, along with improvements/changes to the engine’s rendering systems.

Starting with 3.8.1, we are shipping a fully-featured OpenGL rendering implementation with CryEngine, which goes hand in hand with Linux support for your games.  As previously announced, we are adding Linux support for your Game.exe. While you will still need Windows to use the Sandbox Editor, you can now release your commercial games on Linux as well as on PC- and of course, there are still no royalties whatsoever!”

With the news of Crytek’s intent to support Linux announced more than a year ago, we are pleased to see the follow through. When details hit the game industry last year about Crytek having financial problems, this caused concern, but obviously they secured an investor and Linux support continued to progress.
And like everyone, we expected a big release, but the development team managed to issue Linux support with an update. Therefore it is believed that Linux has been in the support tree for some time, even though this is the biggest update since “Engine-as-a-Service” model was announced back in May 2014.

New Oculus Rift Support

“You asked about it, and we listened: Just in time for the announcement of Crytek’S new VR title “Robinson: The Journey” at this week’s E3, we are putting support for the Oculus Rift HMD (Head-mounted display) into EaaS users’ hands. We have included a small demonstration level, aptly titled the “VR_Demo” level. This showcases some information on how you can approach setting up your levels for VR, some of the implications and the immersive benefits of using VR,” reads the update announcement.

There are a lot more details about the release, which can be found in the comprehensive overview issued by Crytek.


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