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Crytek ‘to evolve beyond typical development’

Announcement on the company’s new direction due in a matter of months

German independent studio Crytek is preparing to evolve its business beyond tradition games development, the company’s co-founder has said.

Avni Yerli said Crytek’s Frankfurt studio has been relocated so more people can join its team of 300 people, and also hinted at a new direction for the company.

“We evolving from a typical game developer to other… other things I can’t disclose yet,” he said in a newly published interview with Develop.

He said an announcement is due to be made “in a few months”.

“Crytek was built to grow not just from the team size but also its… well, for now let’s say ‘competency’,” he added.

Yerli believed the studio’s change in policy might have led some staff to believe the company was set to decrease its headcount. Yerli said this is “by no means the case”.

Crytek’s Frankfurt outfit inhabits some 300 developers, but little is known of what its teams have turned to since the release of Crysis 2.

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