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Crytek UK project aimed for E3 reveal

‘Very ambitious plans’ for the Free Radicals

Nottingham studio Crytek UK will likely announce its new project at E3 this year, a key executive at the company has said.

Amid widespread rumours the British group is resurrecting the TimeSplitters IP, Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli told Develop, “I think the gaming scene and the UK scene are going to be very pleased with the new project they’re working on”.

Crytek rescued the UK studio from insolvency back in 2008, when the cash-strapped developer worked under the Free Radical name.

Since that buyout, Crytek UK has remained independent in spirit, Yerli said in his interview with Develop.

“The way the studio is set up means we don’t have to tell them what to do – the thinking is more about what we can do to help them get on with their own work.

“We come to mutual conclusions on projects, and I think at E3 this year – or just after – we are going to make a big announcement that I think people will be happy about.”

Free Radical broke onto the scene with the well-regarded TimeSplitters series, a new IP that usurped Rare reputation as the UK’s FPS specialist. But the studio buckled under financial pressure after a deal with Square Enix broke down.

A Crytek UK TimeSplitters project, if the rumours turn out to be true, would represent a homecoming for the British studio that once stood on the precipice of disaster.

“Crytek UK are an extremely happy crew, I would say,” Yerli added.

“They were very pleased with their contribution to Crysis 2, and we have very ambitious plans for Crytek UK. The studio is now up to 85 people, with nice new offices! [laughs] The main thing is that the team are having a lot of fun – that’s the most important thing to us.”