Cublast HD releases for Linux and SteamOS

cublast hd releases in games for linux steamos and windows

Since ThinkFast Studio already launched the #games #Windows build for Cublast HD. Hence the minimalistic and fast paced platformer now releases via Steam for Linux and #SteamOS. Which takes some nimble navigating and puzzle solving skills to a new level.
So players can take on the challenge in a wide variety of single player levels. Or let get into some local co-op or multiplayer games. Cublast HD also comes with a built-in level editor. Therefore players can share their creations with the community from around the world.

Cublast HD trailer for Linux, SteamOS and Windows:

Cublast HD Features:

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Local Co-op, Versus & Community Maps.
  • Level Editor, let your creativity go wild and build levels that you then can share with the whole community.
  • Creative & growing Community
  • Customization, customise the game to your taste with vibrant themes and accents.

So just from the trailer alone, the game looks straight forward. However, these are the type of titles that fuel rage. Since everything straight forward for the first two minutes. Hence a twitch of the controller analogue stick and it’s on.
Yet the creative puzzle aspect of the game has my attention.

When ThinkFast Studio first started out, with only had 2 members (Stefan Dinkelberg and Djordy Donopawiro). That was when they were creating their first project Cublast. This was released back in early 2015 for Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store. Entering the Windows Game Developer Contest with Cublast and finishing 2nd. Since the big success of Cublast there is more to be done. This is when Stefan van Diemen de Jel joined the team to create Cublast HD.

Cublast HD is currently available now via Steam. Now that ThinkFast releases support for Linux and SteamOS. As well as Windows PC.

System Requirements:

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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