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Cultist Simulator DLC The Dancer launches

cultist simulator dlc the dancer launches on linux mac windows

Cultist Simulator’s first DLC The Dancer launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. Available with a discount now on Steam, Humble Store and GOG thanks to developer Weather Factory.

Award-winning indie success story Cultist Simulator releases a squirming mass of updates today. Including its first paid DLC: The Dancer. From the macabre mind of Alexis Kennedy (Fallen London, Sunless Sea). The Dancer also puts players in the pinched satin shoes of a performer at an occult cabaret.

While in the occult cabaret that calls itself the Ecdysis Club. The distinction between pleasure and pain is as delicate and essential as the human skin. Since it is all that keeps us from making the very worst mistakes.

Pursue a career as a Dancer at the Club. While you determine which parts of yourself to surrender. Cross oceans in pursuit of the ancient rites that beat in the Wood. And also consider the ascensions that open to you. Choose carefully.

Cultist Simulator: Bring the Dawn (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Dancer includes:

  • One new Legacy (AKA starting character): rise to unearthly fame as the Dancer, employed at the infamous Gaiety Theatre, Ecdysis Club or in some of the more exclusive city parlours.
  • Two new Ascensions (AKA ways to win): explore a trinity of insights into the powers of Heart, Moth, and those who came before. Realise your true form, and perhaps even tempt one of the enigmatic Ligeians to the Dance.
  • Animal spirit-selves (AKA why would you not want to go on holiday as a boar): some dances can only be performed in far places, and some cannot be performed in human shape.

The Free Stuff

Cultist Simulator is getting a makeover:

  • Wounds and scars: Followers now learn from their mistakes. It’s much safer to send them on Expeditions, and though they’ll still die if they injured enough.
  • Follower romance: what could go wrong with workplace relationships when your office is an occult society dedicated tobringing the apocalypse? Court your cultists and date your disciples. It probably won’t end disastrously.
  • Rebellion and rivals: mistreating acolytes now risks turning them against you and attempting to win the game faster than you can.
  • Quality of life updates: a smorgasbord of UI/UX improvements based on feedback since launch. Snap-to-grid cards, double-click card placement, intelligent card stacking… now nobody should get RSI. Yay!

The Dancer DLC launches on Steam, Humble Store and GOG, and comes with the teeny price tag of $2.99 / £2.50 / €2.39. For owners of Perpetual Edition, the update is absolutely free.

While Cultist Simulator will also be 25% off on Steam, Humble Store and GOG for 48hrs. Which also brings that price down to $14.99 USD.

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