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Culture Shock expansion releases with bonus items

culture shock expansion releases with bonus items for two point hospital in linux gaming mac windows pc

Culture Shock expansion releases with bonus items for Two Point Hospital in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Two Point Studios. Which is now available for purchase on Humble Store and Steam.

Two Point Hospital’s new expansion Culture Shock is celebrating art & culture. But now the creative world is missing ideas. Culture is drying up, and nothing is left but a crusty nubbin and an uninspiring husk.

In Culture Shock players will experience three exciting new locations. While you start in the glitz and glamour of Plywood Studios. Before moving on to Mudbury Festival. The journey ends at Fitzpocket Academy. Since this is where art, glamour and hospitals come together. Culture Shock has the most (36!) new illnesses of any Two Point Hospital DLC yet. Including twelve visual illnesses, but also three new fully animated cure machines. Plus 34 new items to pimp up your hospitals. Make sure to turn up the sound, because there is a new DJ in town.

Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock | OUT NOW

Special SEGA 60th Anniversary Items Free to Claim

Along with Culture Shock, SEGA is celebrating their 60th Anniversary. Two Point Studios have created some historic masterpieces from the arcade days. There is a free to download items for anyone who owns Two Point Hospital on Steam.


  • SEGA Out Run machine
  • One-eyed Mammoth (from Space Harrier)
  • SEGA Dream Catcher machine
  • SEGA Periscope Arcade Game

Fancy Dress Item Pack Out Now

For anyone who’s fed up with their staff looking like actual professionals. there is now the Fancy Dress Item Pack, where tangy outfits, outrageous hats and diagnosed wizards are the new normal. The Fancy Dress Item Pack includes 23 outfits, headwear and items, and is available now on Steam, where you can also claim a free Zombie costume.

Culture Shock releases with bonus items plus a 10% discount until October 27th, 2020. Available on both Humble Store and Steam. Dropping the price down to $8.09 USD.

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