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Cuphead – a Game That Looks like a 1930s Cartoon

No, that’s not an old-timey #cartoon you’re seeing. It’s one of the most charming #games we’ve ever seen: Cuphead. The game uses hand-drawn graphics to take gaming back to its 2D roots and fully achieve the feeling of a playable cartoon, and it’s a pretty solid example of how good graphics and graphical #realism aren’t always the same thing.

The game is set to come out some time this year for PC with Mac, Linux, and other versions to follow later. It’s a run & gun action game in the style of classics like Contra, but the developers at Studio MDHR promise that it will improve on the established aspects of the genre for a perfected game experience.

With that and a retro visual style that hasn’t really been used a lot in video games, we’re pretty excited to play this one. For more information and a look at the classic games that have influenced Cuphead, take a look at the Studio MDHR website.

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