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Curious Expedition: modding and open-source

the curious expedition modding and open-source for linux mac windows games

The Curious Expedition developer release open-source modding tools for Linux, Mac, Windows. Since the games sold over 115,000 units. Award-winning indie game creators Maschinen-Mensch want to give back.

Therefore anyone into modding, can do just that with The Curious Expedition. The games content is free on the open-source platform GitHub.
This also includes all of the image files for the game. Which gets praise for it’s unique and beautiful pixelart.

“We have been successful with The Curious Expedition beyond our hopes. And now want to give something back to the creative game development community. This is why we have decided to release our game’s content as open-source. We would like to encourage you to use the many image files for your own prototypes or gamejams. Your usage of our content can be completely unrelated to modding the game itself. As long as you adhere to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license,“ said Maschinen-Mensch co-founder Johannes Kristmann.

The Curious Expedition trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So this decision is accompanying the release of full modding support. Including Steam Workshop integration. Also with the available image and script files. Therefore remixing and creating new content for The Curious Expedition should be as smooth as possible. This offers a unique insight into the development tools. As well as design of a procedural game.

“Encounter endless possibilities with Curious Expedition mods. Items, new characters or expeditions to the moon. So everything is possible. Basically, we provide you with the same capabilities we had creating the game. So the only limiting factor is going to be your imagination,” said Kristmann.

Since this is somewhat of a surprise. Extending a games life in the market place is not unusual. However issuing all of the files and art under a Creative Commons license is impressive. Seeing the base games available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

The games modding tools:

Maschinen-Mensch is dedicated to keep supporting The Curious Expedition. Especially modding in 2018. So if you want to know more about modding, visit the Modding Wiki, Steam Workshop or GitHub.

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