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The Curse of Shadow House looms over mobiles in new adventure

A first-person puzzler game on Kickstarter

With all the new PC adventures announced of late, iOS and Android gamers may be wondering “what about us?” Well, rest assured that you’re not being neglected, as indie developer Hidden Treasure Games has recently announced production on The Curse of Shadow House.

A first-person puzzler in the vein of The 7th Guest and Myst, The Curse of Shadow House casts players in the role of a young woman who’s been bitten by a vampire. Waking up alone in a strange house, you begin finding letters that recount a tragic love story of a distraught young man who lost his bride to a random act of violence. Inconsolable in his grief, the man plans to kill himself to be reunited with her in death, but “on the eve of his suicide, he is bitten by a Vampire and cursed to immortality, doomed to never see his wife again in the afterlife. Can you put an end to the curse and free yourself from the vampirism that has befallen you? Can you reunite lost souls?”


A one-man production from Eric Shofe so far (though he intends to add a programmer to the team as development moves along), The Curse of Shadow House represents an homage to classic old-school puzzle-adventures that promises to let players “explore a beautifully illustrated haunted estate! Solve challenging puzzles. Collect the journal pages. Create your own haunting melody on a broken old piano. Use items from your inventory to interact with the environment.”

The developer’s hope is to complete the game in time for Halloween and release it at a low price point for both iOS and Android platforms, with a longer term plan to port the game to Windows, Mac and Linux. But not so fast… Like so many other games these days, there’s a Kickstarter campaign involved to help reach that initial target. Seeking a modest $8,000 (still quite a bit short with only four days left to pledge at time of writing), a successful campaign will allow Shofe to work on the game full time. He’s still committed to completing the game without it if necessary, but the setback would delay production significantly.

For more information about pledge tiers and the The Curse of Shadow House itself, check out the Kickstarter page for full details.


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