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Curse of the Deadwood and a native build

curse of the deadwood twin-stick action game to offer a linux build with windows pc

Curse of the Deadwood twin-stick action game due to offer a native build for Linux with Windows PC. According to recent details from developer Steamroller Studios. Which is already available on Steam.

Steamroller is eager to announce the release of Curse of the Deadwood. A stunning animated tale of an enchanted land called Knottington. Join the epic journey of two unlikely heroes as they work side by side. All due to defeat hordes of wooden zombies and save the Woodlings. And also keep the beauty and splendor of Knottington. Wield a variety of weapons, unlock upgrades, and fine tune them along the way. Doing what it takes to wipe out the menacing wooden zombies. This action packed evolution of a twin-stick, couch co-op game will leave gamers asking for more.

Linux support is as follows:

But the good news is that there’s actually quite a good chance for a Linux build. We’re looking into it as I type as a part of our efforts to optimize for a Steam Deck release.

Which is a good sign, to release Curse of the Deadwood on the Steam Deck. Obviously by the Discussions comment, testing has to be done. So fingers crossed for a native Linux build. Although it certianly looks like that is the target here. Since Proton support is not quite there yet.

Curse of the Deadwood Trailer

Battle an ever-evolving horde of unique enemies in Curse of the Deadwood. Including the charging Knots, the explosive Thorns, the long-ranged Splinters. Each Deadwood type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Which will also expect you to discover which weapons and attacks are most effective. Take on heart-thumping boss fights that will challenge you. Due to push your strategies to the next level.

As you play through Curse of the Deadwood, a variety of ranged weapons and melee attacks become available. Every ranged weapon comes with a customizable skill tree for you to unlock and explore. Try out different combinations and find what works best for your play style. Since each combat scenario is different.

Explore the beautiful world of Knottington as you rescue its quirky and diverse citizens from the roaming Deadwood. Solve puzzles in lush forests, discover weapon upgrades in vast mountain ranges, and unravel mysteries in spooky swamps. There is always something interesting waiting around the next bend.

Curse of the Deadwood twin-stick action is available on Steam. Priced at $24.99 USD / £19.49 / 20,99€. Currently offering a Windows PC release, and soon Linux support.

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