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Cursed Lands visual novel available now

cursed lands visual novel rpg available now in linux mac windows games

Cursed Lands the visual novel RPG dating sim lands on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam or The games Steam release was expected later in 2018. While the award winning indie developers Winter Wolves keep on top of things.

Also this is the biggest game in the franchise so far with over 300,000 words of text. Including a branching plot and some big choices that change the story completely.

You assume the role of the Empire’s Envoy, secretly serving the Grimoire Council. You must assemble a small strike team to investigate what is happening, and put a stop to whatever evil is lurking within the Castle of N’Mar.

Since a mysterious mist is spreading over the plains surrounding the Castle of N’Mar. These mists also carry with them the smell of undeath. The blight continues to grow closer to the Empire’s borders with every passing day. So they send an expedition to investigate – with disastrous results.

Now with the help of Karen the Amazon Queen and Apolimesho the Archwizard. Players will need to recruit a team of individuals, united by a common goal from the corners of Aravorn. So this will mean dwarves, elves, amazons, desert nomads, and river nagas can all be persuaded to join you.

Cursed Lands visual novel Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The game plays like a RPG with an innovative social talent system. Since this let you take advantage of your enemies‘ personalities. You can bluff, intimidate, coerce, or reason with your foes to force them to flee. Negotiate a ceasefire to end things peacefully. Or just take advantage of your foes’ weakness after lulling them into a false sense of safety.

Therefore, killing all enemies is no the longer the only option at your disposal. The game also includes a “visual novel mode” for those who want to enjoy the story without playing through the battles.

Cursed Landsis rather expressive, offering four bisexual romance options. So this is Nuala the desert nomad, Vaeril the fallen druid, Sylrissa and Enok the nagas. Also two same-sex romance options, Leena the amazon and Jasper the pirate.

For the first time in a Winter Wolves game, you can sleep with multiple love interests. Of course, be ready to face any possible consequences! Each love interest’s ending leads to two more bonus scenes with “pin-up” CG’s for the character you’ve coupled with.

The game comes with optional suggestive content (featuring full nudity in some romance CGs), which you can toggle on/off.

Available on Steam and Itch:

Cursed Lands visual novel is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. So players can choose from Steam or for $24.99 USD, if you want to go DRM-free. The main game has a free demo available on Itch as well.

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