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Cursed Treasure 2 tower defense seeks help

cursed treasure 2: ultimate edition tower defense seeks help for linux with windows pc

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition tower defense game seeks help for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer IriySoft. Currently available on Steam with a discount.

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition includes everything players love about the original Cursed Treasure 2. Plus new content and updates. Offering up hope for Linux support.

I’m developing the game with Game Maker Studio (now just Game Maker) and there is an option to output to Ubuntu. I hadn’t considered it much, but it if seems like there’s an audience I could certainly provide a Linux version.

This is not a Linux confirmation for Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition. But more of a request for further Wishlist support. At least for those who dig a classic tower-defense game.
However, GameMaker Studio typically offer hope for the Steam Deck.

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition Release Trailer

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition is the latest entry in the series. Which has also been a staple in the tower defense genre since 2010. Play as a creature of ultimate evil out to prevent precious gems from the dreaded good guys. Harness the power of mighty orcs, demons, and the undead. Due to build fearsome towers with the ability to strike down any heroes that approach. Players can also up their defense by mastering powerful spells. As well as upgrading undead crypts and creating lava traps.


  • Three powerful and monstrous tower types. Each with their own unique skills to unlock!
  • 27 levels of mayhem across a lush fantasy world. Including 3 new Ultimate Edition levels
  • 3 gems instead of 5 and updated mission rating. Just keep all the gems on the level to get Brilliant!
  • Replay stages in re-balanced Night Mode. All with limited light for added tests.
  • Mana bottles auto collection. Don’t forget to upgrade the mana limit!
  • Earn ability points to improve everything from spells to towers and more.
  • A vibrant and colorful style. Just because you’re evil doesn’t mean you can’t look good.
  • Optimizing and debugging for the smoother evil spreading experience. No more erased saves.

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition tower defense is available on Steam for Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game for Linux support. Currently priced at $8.09 USD / £5.57 / 6,65€, which also includes a 10% discount.

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