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Cyan considering a Linux port for Obduction

From the famous creators of Myst and Riven the newest Kickstarter project is Obduction. They went through #Kickstarter successfully last year. Now, thanks to Unreal Engine supporting Linux natively, Cyan is looking at a Linux release as a possibility for their new game.

The announcement came over a survey over at the Kickstarter page. The original Kickstarter target was of $1.1 million. But the community was so impressed, that the closing pledge for the game stood at $1.3 million. Being based on the Unreal Engine, it didn’t have the Linux goal as one of its core goals, but now, after Epic Game’s support of the Linux platform natively through their Unreal Engine, the creators of Obduction are thinking about adding Linux support to their upcoming game.

“Epic has announced that the Unreal 4 engine will have Linux support. We would love to support Linux and we are currently evaluating what it means for the scope and cost of development.”

So there you have it, another good looking game hopefully added to Linux’s ever growing game repository!

For the uninitiated, Obduction is a real-time, first-person adventure game that heavily borrows from its ancestor Myst, the famous adventure game of yore. Like Myst, Obduction is supposed to allow the player the feel of mystery, intrigue and becoming one with environment. The original Myst was famous for such level of immersive-ness that its stunningly realistic environment could produce. Obduction will be built with the same framework that made Cyan’s earlier games such a wonderful experience: stunning landscapes, deep storyline, engaging characters, dramatic soundscapes, and challenging yet intuitive puzzles. Obduction is an entirely new property, delivered using one of the most powerful game development technologies available today.

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