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Cyber Chicken 2.5D side-scroller adventure available now

cyber chicken 2.5d side-scroller adventure for linux mac pc

Cyber Chicken is a 2.5D #sidescrolling, rollicking #adventure for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Featuring 8′, 375 pounds of cybernetic #poultry as a futuristic killing machine. Therefore a quixotic mission to save the World from itself. A satirical romp across pop culture and modern life. The comic-book styled game consequently features weapon-based gameplay. Platforming elements and lock/key puzzles in a metrovania-designed World.

The story follows Cyber Chicken. Set out to suppress a cyberpunk revolt in the dystopian New York City of the future. Cyber Chicken soon realizes he’s been the fool. And as a result must confront intergalactic forces spanning dimensions of time. From his mayhem-laced adventures into modern day New York City. Hence Cyber Chicken reveals a grand conspiracy involving the likes of Big Bucks Coffee, The Fakebook and the intergalactic leader himself, GW!

Though humor is at the core. The experience is a layer with rich and varied influences from literary, film, comic. And video game classics, including Don Quixote, Brave New World, Terminator, Blade Runner, Batman, Duke Nukem and Super Metroid.

Cyber Chicken Feature:

  • Terminate enemies with Cyber Chicken‘s upgradeable multi-weapon arsenal and skillset since there are over 45 upgrades.
  • Double-jump, dash, ground-stomp and wall-jump your way through over 13 levels in a semi-open world — upgrading to unlock new areas.
  • Buy and upgrade using credit. But make sure to pay back your debts in time, or face the wrath of “The Collector”! (Get defeat, and he will repossess upgrade to repay your debt)
  • Enjoy a fully voice acted cast and soundtrack featuring 40 original tracks.

With an arsenal of weaponry at his disposal. Make the Pentagon jealous including Thermal Nuclear Dual Uzis, Magnum 357,000. Nepalm Flame Thrower and a Sawed-Off Howitzer and the physical prowess. This comes with an advanced cybernetic poultry. The makeup includes spectacular parkour feats and a wicked right cross. Cyber Chicken is one badass hero you’re not soon to forget.

Cyber Chicken is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With a 15% discount but only until November 30th.