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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint – Demo Update #8

cyber knights: flashpoint squad tactics heist rpg game receives demo update #8 for linux mac and windows pc

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint squad tactics heist RPG game receives Demo Update #8 for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This evolution is all thanks to the blood, sweat, and pixels by the talented folks at Trese Brothers. Available Free on Steam.

The team behind the Cyber Knights: Flashpoint demo is busy again. Doing so as a follow-up to Stealth Fest on Steam. This has them making changes based on feedback and they’ve just pushed out the newest update for Linux, “Demo Update #8”.

Remember hitting F10 to report issues and sometimes it would say “submission failed”? Well, the team got the message and they’re working on it. So you should see fewer of those pesky failure notifications. They’re even making plans to totally eliminate them. Keep hitting that F10 when you see issues in Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, they appreciate it.

Now, onto the squad tactics heist RPG, stealth aspect. There were some moments when you took down an agent in stealth, while another one walks past the body like nothing happened. No more! They’ve tinkered with the AI and fixed it. No more casual strolls past bodies, the agents will react properly now.

The game developer is making the loot box user interface better. It was a bit hard to read the details of your loot, especially if they were a bit too wordy. That’s sorted now in Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. Also, when you’re increasing your character’s skills, they’ve added this highlighting feature so you can clearly see what’s improved.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint – Updated trailer

The mission planning tree looked a bit odd. It now has a makeover. It’s a small change for the game but it’s satisfying to see it. Plus, they’ve polished up the camera movements and transitions so everything feels smoother. Such as going from your Command HQ to picking your squad, without weird cuts.

Oh, and the Cyber Knights: Flashpoint demo itself? You get to pull off a mega heist, try out the tactical stealth, experiment with a range of gear and play around with how you get things done. You’ll have six unique crew members with you. Once the full version comes out, you’ll be able to recruit more, pick up new skills, modify weapons and loads more.

You also get a sneak peek at your character’s backstory – they’re a Cyber Knight, a rare breed in this futuristic world, with some really special abilities. The Cyber Knights: Flashpoint safehouse, your hideaway, is also introduced and wait until you see the full version. You’ll be able to upgrade your team and take on bigger missions as your reputation grows.

It’s not just about the action though, you’ll have to make some pretty hard decisions about who to trust, what risks to take and how far you’d go for a better life. Sounds intense, right?

The team behind the squad tactics heist RPG demo has been busy making Cyber Knights: Flashpoint better than ever. Whether it’s fixing issues, polishing visuals, or improving gameplay. So grab your gear, round up your crew, and get ready in Demo Update #8. The Demo is available Free on Steam. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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