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Cyber mech-western Brigador launches on Linux, Mac and PC June 2nd with OST and Audiobook


The neon-soaked streets of Brigador are nearly splattered with enough #EarlyAccess blood to bring on the #fullrelease. On June 2nd, jump into the vehicle of your choosing and experience Brigador’s isometric #mech-western world for yourself on Steam, and for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

For fans wanting more, the team at Stellar Jockeys has built out the full Brigador experience with an original OST by Makeup And Vanity Set, and an extended universe audiobook, written by Brad Buckmaster and narrated by Ryan Cooper. A $30 bundle for Brigador along with the OST and audiobook is available for pre-order on here. On Steam, the OST and audiobook will be sold as DLC.

Brigador’s full release will be marked by dozens of new additions to the original core game launched back on Early Access in October 2015. This includes a brand new 21-mission story mode and an unlockable upgrade system which grants you access over time to a wide array of pilots, vehicles, and weapons.

Gameplay is refined and still as intoxicatingly fun with a total of 42 maps (21 free play and 21 story mode maps) to complete your contracts on. Take the loadout of your choosing out on a run through the streets of Solo Nobre. Balance your health with a cadre of weapons and special abilities to slowly destroy the enemy’s orbital arsenal, generals, or overall army. Cause chaos to build your earned currency in a battle between losing it all and cashing out big at the end of each map area. The stakes are high and the challenge even greater with each contract completed.

Great leader is dead. Liberate Solo Nobre tonight by any means necessary.

Brigador will be out of Early Access on June 2nd for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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