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Cybrus survival gauntlet releasing this week

cybrus survival gauntlet rpg releasing this week on linux mac windows

Cybrus is a survival gauntlet RPG that’s releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows this week via Steam. Where players face off against an ever-changing dungeon enhanced by magic and technology.

Cybrus will have you build rivalries and work to crush your enemies. All of this for the chance at a life-changing payout, but will you survive?

Cybrus is a challenging retro-futuristic shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is also coming with a unique style and fresh gameplay. Where magic meets technology and both must be mastered to survive.
While players work to find powerful items both arcane and technological to defeat the dungeon.

Cybrus survival gauntlet Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Featured on the Fresh Games section of itch io
  • In the top 100 most popular games on itch io (Last checked 9th of August 2018)
  • #1 in three categories on itch io

Cybrus will have player facing crazy personal bosses. Also if you die in the dungeon the one who killed you might use your scrap to upgrade themselves. This allows intense rivalries in the gauntlet, so you can create your own story. Personally this is one of the main features that catches my attention with this singleplayer game.


  • Countless hours of engaging experiences!
  • Millions of possible dungeons!
  • Masses of items to be claimed from the depths!
  • Amazing performance for maximum enjoyment!
  • A fully procedural boss system, the game remembers you!
  • Many secrets to discover!
  • Multiple paths!

Play the Demo:

So if you are interested in checking out Cybrus. You can check out the Demo on Steam using the link below. Or play the DRM-Free Demo on Itch. And you can also purchase a copy of the game for $13.99 USD, including a Steam key when the game releases.

Releasing on Steam:

Cybrus is releasing via Steam on Thursday, August 23rd for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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