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D-Corp presents a timed Halloween event

d-corp couch co-op game presents a timed halloween event for linux and windows pc

D-Corp couch co-op game presents a timed Halloween event for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing creative efforts of developer Frogsong Studios. Which is ow running on Steam along with a discount. Not to mention 88% Positive reviews.

D-Corp is a couch co-op and task management game for up to 4 players. Now developer Frogsong presents a timed Halloween event combined with a Steam Halloween Sale while offering a 20% discount.

D-Corp is tower defense and mining simulator game. All having released for this new event as a major Halloween feature. While now being updated with more balances fixes. Due to delving into the dynamic gameplay in this light hearted game. Which is all about silly attempts at teamwork. While you appreciate a portion of the bug fixes and gameplay balance upgrades.

D-Corp Release Trailer

So technically, for 4 days only D-Corp offers seasonal Halloween content. This includes including: 6 hats: Plague Doctor, Pumpkin Head, Witch Hat, Skull, Bogwitch, and Acolyte. And two of them refer to the dev’s previous game, Spellsworn. Plus you can also expect spooky Desert maps visuals, and UI backgrounds.


  • 2-, 3-, or 4-player co-op through local play or via Steam Remote Play
  • Avoid dangerous cacti and stop them from overrunning your base
  • Experiment with different defense plans!
  • Scrap all resources and carry them back to your recycler
  • Throw your friend into deadly acid pool in D-Corp
  • Reload, maintain and relocate a variety of turrets to protect your operation
  • Find, unlock, and wear dozens of shiny hats!
  • Fetch ammo in time before the turrets run out — throw it if you have to!
  • This game was designed to be played with gamepads.

D-Corp couch co-op game also offers more balance fixes on Linux and Windows PC. With a regular price of $19.99 USD along with 20% discount for a few more hours. Dropping the price to $15.99 USD for the Halloween event, all available on Steam.

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