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Da Vinci secrets unlock in Escape Simulator

da vinci room secret to unlock for the escape simulator game on linux mac windows pc

Da Vinci Room secret to unlock for the Escape Simulator game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is all due to the creative minds behind developer Pine Studio. Due to be available for the game on Steam and Humble Store.

In two weeks time, on March 8th, the next room for Escape Simulator will be available. Doing so at no extra charge: Leonardo’s Workshop. Start taking out your paint brushes and making those careful calculations. Since this free update will have you unlocking secrets of Leonardo da Vinci and his life. All hidden away in his very own workshop.

The Da Vinci Room will star the workshop of iconic genius Leonardo da Vinci. While offering players the chance to crack his code in order to – you guessed it – escape. So start gathering a team of two to four escapees. Due to try to solve mysteries that have baffled people for hundreds of years.

Of course, a new room must come with a new set of fashionable clothes. Players will be able to decipher Da Vinci’s secrets in style. While donning outfits befitting of aspiring puzzle masters. Which have been specially designed for this upcoming room. And to help get players in the right mindset, a new track will also be releasing with the new Da Vinci Room.

Escape Simulator – Announcement Trailer

Besides the addition of Leonardo’s Workshop itself, a number of assets used to design this new Da Vinci Room will be made available in the Room Editor soon after. With this, players can start crafting their own renaissance masterpieces. Due to testing themselves and each other in a battle of wits. Will you be able to follow in the footsteps of Da Vinci and outsmart the genius himself?

Additionally, while Pine Studio’s team has been working hard to bring more content to Escape Simulator. They are also focusing on adding a wider range of localization options for their players. Staying true to this Da Vinci Room theme, along with its release players can choose to play the game in Italian.

The Da Vinci Room will be available for free!

Stay tuned for more detail about Escape Simulator’s free new Da Vinci Room update. Releasing on March 8th. The base game is available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $14.99 USD / £12.99 / 14,99€. Along with Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is also Steam Deck Verified.

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