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Dabado Puzzles adventure due to release this week

dabado puzzles adventure games due to release this week via linux mac and windows pc

Dabado Puzzles adventure games due to release this week via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Viktor Mazhlekov. Due to make its way onto Steam this Wednesday.

Seven years of hard work are coming to fruition on June 30th, 2021. Since this is the worldwide release of Dabado Puzzles. A unique puzzle and exploration game produced by indie developer Viktor Mazhlekov. This is also a labor of love and offers an unusual gameplay mechanic and glorious hand painted visuals. All taking place in a world full of unexpected surprises. Dabado Puzzles is a standalone game and part of a much larger upcoming RPG, World Of Dabado coming late 2022. Which is currently in preproduction.

Dabado Puzzles (Trailer) (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Dabado Puzzles is an adventure puzzle game with exploration elements. So, only by learning to master the puzzles will you become good enough to progress further into the game, with a chance to win. The puzzle levels incorporate a Tetris®-style control of blocks dropping from the top of the screen. Therefore, to complete a level, you must build a tower using the falling blocks. Then reach the key that opens the next level.

The gameplay:

This is not a simple task: the blocks that drop are categorized into three types. Since each has its own advantages and weaknesses. Then only by mastering each type of block and their mass, can you stack the ultimate block sequence. All to gain a better score and collect Light. To master Dabado Puzzles, you must replay each level to learn its secrets and optimal structure to reach the golden key. Hidden items are scattered around as well. Light is a critical resource that helps you advance on the world map to reach a new target. You gather Light by scoring points and also by combining combo moves. Or via the games built-in shop.

Dabado Puzzles is not an easy game to win. Since it requires patience and the willingness to invest deeply in the core gameplay mechanics and levels. There are four types of levels; main levels, additional levels, bonus levels, and unique levels. Each has its own distinct challenges that you must learn. The in-game store offers items that advance your progress or unlock new features within the island. You can collect score items, buttons, and other goodies along the way. Scrolls contain valuable knowledge and unlock bonuses. Since fans of difficult yet rewarding puzzle games will instantly feel at home in Dabado Puzzles. While new players are in for a tough, but fun and exciting gameplay challenge.


    • Challenging and relaxing gameplay
    • Beautiful hand-painted graphics
    • Dozens of mind-bending levels
  • Secrets and hidden places to discover
  • Random gameplay mechanics

Dabado Puzzles adventure is due to release on Steam on June 30th, 2021. The games are due to arrive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam to get notified.