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Damsel vampire platformer gets full support

damsel vampire action platformer full support for linux mac windows

Damsel the vampire slaying arcade game is now available for Linux on Steam. All thanks to the efforts of develoer Screwtape Studios who contacted me last night with the good news. With 100% Positive reviews.

Cause distress in this fast-paced, challenging action platformer, Damsel. While you try to speed through dozens of missions as Special Agent Damsel. Since you are the first and last line of defence against the seedy world of corporate vafdmpires.

The gameplay is actually pretty good. Since I have been playing the game via Proton since release. This is a well done dark cartoon world, that comes to life as true action meets comic book visuals and storytelling. The gameplay will have you dashing through beautiful arenas vanquishing vampires.

Damsel is a real arcade game with solid controller support. While players are rescuing hostages, disarming bombs, hacking servers and dispatching the undead with precision. It’s really a true blend of speed and style. But it’s also about balancing your actions with split second choices. So make sure to pay attention, you never know where the next vamp will come from.

Damsel vampire platformer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The game consists of the first two episodes of the adventure. Including 50 action packed missions and a comic book story. This also sees Special Agent Damsel investigate the Red Mist Beverage Corporation. The word on the street is that Red Mist is creating a “secret menu” drink containing real human blood. Spoiler: They are!

For players looking to prove themselves the best they can dive into Damsel Dash. This is reminiscent of classic arcades, allowing you to take on a weekly set of challenges with special conditions. The controls are also tight and responsive. This lets you move around each arena while avoiding the deadly hazards. Also timing is everything, which plays into things like your double-jump.

The vampire action platformer Damsel is available with full support for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also reasonably priced at  $19.99 USD / €16.79 / £15.49.

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