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Danger Gazers top down shooter launches

danger gazers top down shooter launches for linux and windows pc

Danger Gazers the top down shooter launches on Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the hard work of developer ShotX Studio. Who are known to support Linux with their past titles. Now we have a full release available with a very nice discount on Steam.

Danger Gazers is a post-apocalyptic roguelite top-down shooter. While you press on, you also pave your own path. So the choices you make will decide your fate. Since this can either turn you into the new ruler. Or simply turning you into ashes to be swept away by the winds.
Therefore it’s up to you to unlock new heroes and relics. While you try to conquer the wasteland. Mastering skills, decisions and even your own patience. So luck is not going to be on your side.

Danger Gazers – Official Game Trailer

Danger Gazers is all about replayability and maximum randomization. Therefore, expect procedurally generated levels. Also, random map generation and events. Including a heap of guns and items. Somewhat similar to that of Nuclear Throne to be completely honest.
Although, you can join up and play together with a friend. Gameplay includes both shared split screen PvP and co-op. Share the fun and misery of Danger Gazers using Steam Remote Play Together.


  • Pave your own path: you will have to choose your next stop wisely. If you don’t want your journey to turn into hell
  • Maximum randomization: area maps, levels, events, and loot. They are all randomly generated to make every Danger Gazers playthrough different
  • Local co-op: double the fun with a friend
  • Relics: permanent unlockables to further customize your play style
  • 7 heroes: all with their own unique abilities, powers and weaknesses

Danger Gazers is also one of those game that will keep you playing longer. Steam Remote Play Together should make this next part more viable. Since the game has a discount of 40% until January 9th. Dropping the priced down to a whopping $5.99 USD. Not to bad if you have a couple of dollars kicking around. The top down shooter launches on both Linux and Windows PC.