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Danger Scavenger skyline crawler and support

 danger scavenger skyline crawler game and support for linux mac windows pc

Danger Scavenger game is hailed as a skyline crawler for Windows PC, we have details on Linux support. Thanks to developers Star Drifters. Due to make a debut next month on Steam.

In Danger Scavenger you’ll crawl higher than ever before. While you take on this intense cyberpunk themed roguelike skyline crawler. Gameplay will take you to the roofs of the breathtaking cyberpunk city. Since you will face mighty enemies controlled by a soulless AI.

So forget about crawling through the dungeons, caves, and darkest pits of hell. Danger Scavenger will have you search of adventure and treasures. But the world has also changed and new times are coming. Therefore you’ll be going up and out of the underground to seek new horizons and possibilities. Check out the trailer to get an idea.

Danger Scavenger – Announcement Trailer

Linux Support:

I think more details will be there near the date of the release. And yes, the game is being developed in Unity 3D.

Likewise, as stated in the Steam FAQ. Developer Star Drifters are “busy with development at the moment.” Therefore, the focus is on Windows PC at the moment. And formal details regarding Linux are sparse. Although the FAQ does offer some hope for native support. I can personally confirm that the full release of Danger Scavenger works very well via Proton. Which is also good news for future Linux port potential.

Danger Scavenger is an intense cyberpunk themed roguelike. As evil corporations deep in a dystopian setting bring doom upon the world. The Scavengers – a group of outcasts once rejected by fate. Now with praise and admiration. Decide to overcome the status quo. Become one of them and break out on a risky adventure. Where you also get to choose your destiny. Choose your path wisely though, as big rewards come at a price and often mean even bigger risks.


  • Dynamic risk-reward gameplay. Make your choice carefully, face the challenges, and become the hero you always wanted to be! Or… pick the easy way and return with nothing.
  • Four unique Scavengers to choose from for a good start, and with more to come. Each one has its skills and style of fixing problems of the world: stealth, strategy, rapid-fire action, or maybe a mix? You decide!
  • Join forces in Danger Scavenger with up to four Scavengers. So you can kick the corporations’ ass in co-op mode!
  • Defeat five greedy corporations. Face 30+ types of enemies, their special versions, and bosses.
  • Choose from a large selection of 30+ weapons, 50+ items/upgrades, active and passive, to buy or loot.
  • Unexpected item combinations that you’ll discover during your adventures. Just like no two snowflakes are the same, you can never get the same build twice. Design your perfect strategy by repeated trial and error – followed by many deaths, of course.
  • Immersive soundtrack composed by Szymon Weiss.
  • You’ll crawl higher than ever before in this intense cyberpunk-themed roguelike skyline crawler. Danger Scavenger will take you to the roofs of the breathtaking cyberpunk city where you will face mighty enemies controlled by a soulless AI.

To get a first hand experience at gameplay. try out the free demo available on Steam now and add the game to your wishlist to follow its development.

Danger Scavenger is coming to Steam, Humble Store and nVIDIA GeForce Now on June 17th this year. The console release date will be announced in the near future.

More information about the game can be found via the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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