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dangerous driving support aafter release linux windows games

Dangerous Driving looks like Linux support is possible after the games Windows release. We reached out Three Fields Entertainment. An indie British developer. Led by industry veterans Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward. Who just revealed more game details for Dangerous Driving. Scheduled for release on April 9, 2019.

So for those who do not know. This the creative talent behind the genre defining Burnout series.
Dangerous Driving puts serious back into the racing genre. While reclaiming the spirit of the past. And also bringing it to new heights. Taking full advantage of the power of current generation hardware.

Linux Support:

“I can confirm the game will be running on the Unreal Engine 4. Currently, there is no Linux version in development. But is a possibility after release.”

So being that the release is coming to the Epic Games store. I’m sure at some point for a Linux release to happen. This will also mean a Steam listing. Mind you no details are available just yet.
But since we do not have Steam page to Wishlist. It looks like we are the mercy of Three Fields Entertainment. So check out the trailer below. It’s kind of trippy.

Dangerous Driving Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux too)

Therefore Dangerous Driving offers unmatched physics. Plus mass carnage, while players compete against brutal competitors. Playing across a host of unique locations. Driving at breakneck speeds. Players will not only battle rival drivers. But also dangerous roads in 30 perilous courses. Taking place in seven different locations.

Each of the games numerous modes offer intense ways to play. So a player can wreck their opponents. Driving in the adrenaline fuelled Takedown races. Chain their way to purity in Heatwave races. Be the last car standing in Dangerous Driving‘s Eliminator. Or simply rule every road in Road Rage. Players can also take the law into their own hands. So you can chase wanted suspects in Pursuit Mode.

So yes, this is kind of a Need for Speed meets Carmageddon. Since you can Bump, shunt, slam, scratch and powerslide. Gameplay looks fun. Hopefully we get Linux support.

Players can race offline against intense AI drivers. Doing so in over 8 different event types. Or online against seven other aggressive players. All the while unlocking new deadly cars. And more hardcore abilities as you progress.

Dangerous Driving will be available for Window PC on the Epic Games store. Also PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE on April 9, 2019. Priced at $29.99 USD / £24.99 digitally.

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