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Dark Bestiary combat focused RPG releases

dark bestiary combat focused rpg gets a full release on linux mac windows pc

Dark Bestiary turn based combat focused RPG gets a full release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Qd the game is doing rather well on Steam. With 85% Very Positive reviews.

Since Dark Bestiary is singleplayer turn based combat focused RPG. The game also comes with a classless progression system. Not to mention a tone of skill. While the main goal of the game is exploration. These are not huge open worlds but synergies of skills, talents and items. Which means your progress in the game will be entirely your own.

Dark Bestiary Early Access gameplay trailer

While the flexible character development system allows you to create. Which gives you the option to chose any build you want to create.
And to support classless progression system. Dark Bestiary also comes with a large array of skills that is constantly growing.
Skills are combined into sets, each set has its own unique bonus. So the more skills of a certain set you use, the more powerful bonus you get.


  • Dark fantasy theme.
  • Turn-based tactical combat.
  • Small but mechanically deep game.
  • Flexible character development system that allows you to create almost any build that can come to mind.
  • More than hundred of skills.
  • Craft and equipment upgrading.
  • Wide variety of monsters.

What is also interesting is how Dark Bestiary development came about. Since the developer, “was looking for some turn-based game, similar to Diablo. But I did not find anything that I could like. That was the first step to creating my own game. Two months later, I quit my full time job as a programmer and started development.” Which proved to be an epic journey, which you can read about in the reddit post. Breaking down the two years of development. Explaining how the full release and development itself came about.

The full release is now live on Steam. Plus there is also a 20% discount until July 19th of the $11.99 USD price. The full release comeswith builds for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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