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Dark Chess strategy conquers on Linux

dark chess story-driven turn-based strategy game is doing well on linux mac windows pc

Dark Chess story-driven turn-based strategy game is doing well on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is the brainchild of the innovative team at Tall Troll Games. Doing very well on Steam with 88% Very Positive reviews.

Let’s delve into this experience known as Dark Chess. If you’ve ever played chess, this is a serious plot twist, since you are on a stealth mission. This isn’t just about moving pawns, rooks, and knights on a board. You get to hide your chess pieces from your rival. Due to adding more mystery and strategy to the whole game. Think of it as a hide-and-seek on a chessboard, making every move unique for Linux players.

Just like any other adventure, this journey comes with its own exciting storyline. You’ll find yourself facing off against some of the most famous rulers from history. Dark Chess also has you match wits with Genghis Khan, outsmart King Solomon, or face Ivan the Terrible. And just so you know, these historical figure will not always stick to the rules.

But that’s not all. In addition to a gripping story, there are tons of fun puzzles and clever traps thrown in. All due to test your intellect and keep you on your toes. So, prepare yourself to step into the dark, take risks, and prove your strategic prowess. To give you a look, check out the gameplay below.

Dark Chess – Easy Campaign – 20 minutes of gameplay

Another future of Dark Chess, allows you to compete with real people, in player-versus-player mode. So you can have a chill session with friend or duke out in a competitive clash, depending on your mood. You can even spice up your profile and avatar to show off your own style.

Dark Chess is not just another digital pastime; it’s an innovative twist on a classic that’s been showered with accolades and recognition. The story-driven turn-based strategy has earned awards like the Great Idea Award at the 2019 BELGAMEDEV event. Also the Best 1st Place at the Big Indie Pitch. In 2019, Dark Chess got the People’s Choice Award at the GAMEDEV Days event. More recently, it was nominated for Best Estonian title at the GDWC 2022 Awards, and Best Visual Art and Design at the CJXGC 2022.

Here are some key of Dark Chess:

  • The awesome Fog of War feature.
  • A fully voiced, story-driven adventure.
  • Face off against famous historical figures.
  • A brand-new visual interpretation of chess.
  • Personalizable avatars and profiles.
  • Compete against others in PvP mode and various chess variations.

To sum up, Dark Chess is a fresh and exciting take on a time-honored classic. Now reimagining it into a unique adventure filled with strategy, suspense, and unexpected events. The story-driven turn-based strategy is available on Steam and certainly worth playing. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Maybe get the 25% discount, dropping the price to $9.74 USD / £8.24 / 9,74€.

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