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Dark Fracture psychological horror slated for support

dark fracture psychological horror slated for support game on linux and windows pc

Dark Fracture psychological horror slated for support, due to game on Linux and Windows PC plus a free Prologue. Thanks to developer Twisted II Studio. Who announced the upcoming game due to arrive on Steam and

Between reality and a nightmare. Sanity and madness. In Dark Fracture the player explores a world that’s ever changing. While you face your character’s inner turmoil and chaos. Walk the edge of madness in their shoes. Taking on this thrilling first person psychological horror experience. Due to not only arrive on Windows PC but also on Linux.

We completely plan on porting to Linux and can commit on the release. Sadly, we cannot commit on a specific date yet. The early access will start during the 28th of Feb. If no issues will occur: we expect the Linux version to be released on that day. Or in case of any delays: in a future update during the months leading to Q2-Q3 of 21′. But the Linux porting will happen prior to the full release of the game.

One point, Dark Fracture development is using Unreal Engine 4. So the porting process can go either way. Hence the reply above. But it’s also a pleasure to see the studio’s commitment to Linux. Let alone workig their way to a day one release.

Now.. if you want to get a taste of gameplay now using Proton on Steam. You can check out the Prologue on Steam and (Wine). Letting you game on Linux non-natively. The game certainly has some Very Positive reviews on Steam. While offering up anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour of non-linear gameplay.

Dark Fracture Prologue Trailer

Dark Fracture takes place in the late ’90s. Also taking place an isolated forested region in the rural USA.

You are put in the shoes of Edward: a body farm employee who is suffering from his past. While finding solace in the medicine that helps him get through the day. Edward is barely able to cope with his personal issues in Dark Fracture. Which are only intensified by him living in solitude. So he puts on a brave front and dutifully wakes up for work every day. His routine serves as his only anchor. But deep inside, trouble is also simmering.

One night, while working the dreaded midnight shift. A chain of disturbing events draws Edward ever close to losing his grip on reality. As the very fabric of his world seems to unravel and twist in Dark Fracture. His home of the past few years is being pulled from under his feet. Since the cruel hand of fate once more nudging him towards disaster. One that threatens to engulf Edward’s home in shadow.

So, is it merely his mind playing tricks on him? Or maybe there truly is something darker clawing at his heels. What is threatening to drag him into the depths? Therefore, now its up to you figure it out.
The choices you make will shape the results of his terrifying tale. Since you are trapped between a world of horrors. All inspired by the works of ones such as H.R. Giger. And the unkind reality of the body farm from whence he came. Likewise, it’s up to you to survive a two fold nightmare in Dark Fracture.


  • Photo-Realistic Graphics
  • Inventory System
  • Physical Items
  • Sanity Meter
  • Limited Light Sources
  • Dual Wielding
  • Procedurally Generated Events
  • Decision Making

Dark Fracture psychological horror slated for support in early access. Scheduled to begin on February 28, 2021. The games is due to on both Steam and Also note, your Itch purchase of $16 USD will also grant you a Steam code. So you can game on Linux or Windows PC.
The full release will be in early 2022 on Linux and Widnows PC, consoles, and next-gen consoles.

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