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Darkened Abyss mystical RPG hits Kickstarter

darkened abyss mystical rpg hits kickstarter and windows games

Darkened Abyss makes a crowdfunding debut via Kickstarter. While the #games coined for being a minimalistic, zoomed-out, top-down perspective, mystical RPG. Yet the trailer seems to give off a dystopian feel. And it’s coming to Linux, Mac and #Windows. Yet the games designed to redefine the exploration and #adventuregame genre. So that might all seem a big wordy, but the concept is somewhat straight forward.

Okay, so imagine yourself stumbling around in darkness. When suddenly you are rewarded with an amazing and astonishing discovery. So you take caution. However, because your next discovery may be your last. This is what developer Shard Machine wants to make as captivating as possible. Since the games expected to boast inorganic monsters and ancient civilization relics. While being set in strangely beautiful landscapes.

So what would do if you find yourself unconscious at the bottom of an abyss? While you have no memory of who you are or how you got there? And since the only way out is through exploration. Will you embark in the discovery and electrifying combats using your wits and courage?

Darkened Abyss Features:

  • Discover new clues, puzzles, fighting abilities. Including powerful ancient weapons to help you unlock mysteries. And battle against mystical creatures lurking in the dark.
  • Explore different and unique levels in the vast world within the abyss. The deeper you go the more chaotic your surroundings become. Search for hidden rooms and treasure spots. Giving you an advantage during your journey.
  • Encounter a variety of monsters. Since each represents the traits of their environment. While also giving clues to pieces of your past. The further down you go, the stronger and smarter they get. Approaching you with more advanced attack patterns, rapid movement and traps. With special abilities of their own.

Since some of Darkened Abyss details sound familiar. However it’s the games development and creative aspects that give it the edge. And to be honest, the whole setting reminds me of Jotun. Yet it’s still a very unique experience coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. And check out the campaign, such as the Core Mechanics. Which are the weapons and attacks outlined for the game.

So Darkened Abyss is currently looking for crowdfunding pledges on Kickstarter.

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