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Darkened Light – Action RPG Game is coming to Linux

Darkened Light
 is just such a game. Currently available on Kickstarter and one of the very few games that are not being developed using the Unity game engine. Instead, Indie Game Maker is the engine of choice, which is also Rider Games own custom engine. The team is hoping to alleviate any sort of development limitation in code and/or graphics. A rather bold move and something that is rare in the gaming community.

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On January 30, Rider Games posted this Update on their Kickstarter page:

Alright you Linux fanboys! Take this game and give it a run through! We need you to tell us how it runs and what you think of it! Thank you for your time guys,

– The RG Team

Darkened Light Demo Page 

At first, the update caught my attention. Then, having had a look at the page, checking out the demo for myself, only to find an “exe” file after extracting the zip package. Hmmm…
Immediately I emailed the Rider Games team on Kickstarter, I found out thatDarkened Light is built using Mono. Interesting. Probably one of the more convenient means of porting their demo over to the platform without having to commit to a commercial game engine. Nicely done.

For those of you who know what I mean. Many game developers looking to port their game(s) to Linux, without prior platform experience, will seek a workaround. Usually WINE or some sort of wrapper to ensure the game runs without having to port code. Let alone having to invest time and money into a developer specific to their needs.

Risks and challenges

Their challenge was to overcome the mediocrity they had from creating the game in Indie Game Maker. With the funding, the team will be able to get a professional OST for our game and complete the game with awesome SFX. While also being able to get licenses to help better the graphics and features that we will provide for our audience.


When the game is complete it will be released on Windows, Xbox 360 and Linux, but if we reach our stretch goals it will also be out on Ouya and Mac.


In Darkened Light, you play as Epic Falroth, a young prince in the middle of a scouting and training Mission. When Epic’s mentor Glenn is taken by some minions, Epic has to chase him down and find out the reason behind this kidnapping, as well as what the Darkened Light is.

Darkened Light, will offer a unique platforming game with a mix of fast paced gameplay with RPG elements, hacking and slashing, and all of those things you loved about the old school platform games.


How to get the Darkened Light Demo working in Linux?

Open your package manager and search for: libsdl-mixer1.2mono-complete, andlibsdl1.2debian

Then execute the game with:

mono ‘Darkened Light.exe’

Pledge the Darkened Light – Action RPG Game on Kickstarter

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