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Darkest Dungeon a gothic roguelike, RPG, dungeon crawler coming in January 2015


For those who have not heard of it yet, Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon-crawling #RPG with themes of the inner workings of the human mind at the core of its design. Sure, #monsters can probably kill your party as they search an ancient mansion for #treasure and secrets, but your main enemy will always be the quirks of your allies. Will one stab your other party members in the back to make a quick getaway? Will one snap and aim a fireball at anything that moves? Will one succumb to a childhood trauma of spiders and crumble in battle?

Darkest Dungeon Features:

  • Manage a team of heroes through the physical and mental stresses of adventuring. Try to stop paranoia, greed, anger, depression, and more from crippling the party.
  • Affliction System: Make the most of character flaws and strategically construct your party to overcome hardship.
  • Innovative turn-based combat with a nostalgic feel
  • Striking hand-drawn 2d gothic art style
  • Original score by Stuart Chatwood, composer for eight “Prince of Persia” games and founding member of multi-platinum Canadian rock band “The Tea Party.”
  • Meaningful consequences and permadeath deliver heightened tension and provide for truly heroic moments.
  • A Lovecraftian-inspired story of greed, fallen greatness, and redemption.

You never know what part of a character’s locked psyche is going to erupt at the wrong time while exploring these dungeons, and you never know what new mental scars these characters are going to suffer.

Here’s some gameplay from Red Hook to feast your eyes upon:

Darkest Dungeon was an instant Kickstarter success earlier in March, securing its $75,000 goal in a single day before eventually pulling in $313,337 total. It looks like one of those portable RPGs that’s great both on the go and with a pair of headphones, alone, in the dark, and late at night. A lot has probably changed with the game over the last few months, but the layout still looks really awesome!


Darkest Dungeon was conceived as an antidote to the loot-piñata RPG experience which focuses solely on a character’s numerical capabilities. Squad leaders and sports team managers have to contend with the human factors as they strive to maximize effectiveness–why not in RPGs? Combining this concept with a Lovecraftian-inspired grim setting, the game was born. Full development began in May 2013 after assembling a veteran team which had the artistic ability, system-based game design experience, and technical versatility to deliver a game that would meet the ambitious vision while also being entertaining to play.

Darkest Dungeon will be released for the Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita in 2015. We can’t wait to play the game.