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Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court releases

darkest dungeon the crimson court releases linux and windows gaming 2017

Since Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court is the first expansion by Red Hook Studio‘s in #2017. Which is an amazing award-winning grim and #gothicRPG in #gaming for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the game already has mod support as well.
While Crimson Court will add an experience alongside the standard campaign. Due to the addition of a new dungeon region, loot, lore, and a slew of new monsters. Which also includes bosses, environments and metamechanics. Yet also giving players 10 new town buildings to construct and a new hero. While The Flagellant uses mechanics that encourage intense risk/reward play. For example, he’s at his strongest when he’s at his most vulnerable.

So to seamlessly integrate the new Crimson Court content with the core campaign. Red Hook made a lot of features week dependent across Linux, Mac and Windows. Therefore at Week 3, for instance, the earliest signs of the new threat will emerge. While Weeks 5- 8 will bring the first Flagellant to the Hamlet. And Week 10 will unlock the Districts system. Including all assuming a fresh campaign, of course. The full scope and experience of the DLC will unwrap itself steadily in 2017.  Which is unveiled as you move through the main game’s campaign.

Darkest DungeonThe Crimson Court expansion:

  • A new hero class. “Awash in blood and delusion. They bear the burden of a thousand lifetimes.”
  • A new wandering boss: The Fanatic
  • A new dungeon region: The Courtyard
  • A full faction of new deadly foes
  • 4 new, unique Courtyard Bosses with some of the most complex and devious mechanics yet.
  • Massive, sprawling maps with locked doors, prisoner rooms, and progress saves
  • Districts: New prestige buildings that offer permanent, estate-wide bonuses
    Lore-driven trinket sets for all heroes – with set bonuses!

Since players can also add the DLC to an existing campaign. As many players are still working on conquering the Darkest Dungeon. And Red Hook want to ensure that this new DLC content could be played now. Without requiring a restart or dismissal of favorite heroes. So the DLC events while gaming trigger relative to each other in Week count. That is if you enable it on your existing saves.

So whether players are starting a new campaign or still wage a long battle in an existing state. The Crimson Court is there for them. Players are also able to toggle on individual discrete parts of the DLC. Such as (Crimson Court, Flagellant, Districts) for each campaign. They expect to play with just some of the new gaming content.

Darkest Dungeon’s first expansion is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. The Crimson Court can be purchased on Steam, GOG, Humble Store at $9.99 USD. The great RPG just gets better in 2017.

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