Darksburg developer is keen about support

darksburg developer is keen about support for linux and windows pc

Darksburg developer is keen about support for Linux, beside Windows PC. Thanks to the well known Shiro Games. The cooperative action game is due to release on Steam in 2020.

A new gameplay trailer is released by the acclaimed French indie studio, Shiro Games. Who you are also known for Northgard and the Evoland series. This video gives a first hand account of the perilous journey. Since players must face in reaching the entrance to the infested town of Darksburg. As they find locked gates and discovering lost keys along the way. And finally overcoming the town’s corrupted executioner.

But now we have a developer reply in the Steam Discussion. Where Shiro Games finally replied to the thread.

While it’s not set in stone right now. We’d very much like to bring Darksburg to Linux.

Since this is not a full out confirmation. The previous Northgard and Evoland games do have Linux support. And since the studio is replying with interest for support. This is a very good sign

A new PvP gameplay trailer showcases Darksburg nicely. While presenting the upcoming cooperative survival action game. Which also seems to have a MOBA style to it. Which has never been my interest. But the gameplay below sure changes that.
The video shows how players can also take on different roles. Such as powerful zombies, the Revenants. And how each class uses their unique abilities and powers. While wreaking havoc on pesky humans trying to save the medieval town.

Darksburg – Gameplay Trailer

Darksburg is a top-down cooperative multiplayer game. So players can either choose to rid the town of Darksburg. While laying waste to the waves of undead that plague it. Or team up as zombies to oppose the filthy humans. While they complete their hopeless mission. Four players can team up to play against the computer. Or against four other players in a fast-paced PvP game.

They will have a roster of colourful characters to choose from. Each featuring a unique set of skills and backgrounds. From the compassionate (but not overly so) Sister Abigail. Also, the escaped werewolf (and man’s best friend) Varag. All the way to the powerful zombie Revenants. Such as the Burning Witch or the hulking Brute. Teamplay and great reflexes will be the key to survive in Darksburg.

Shiro Games will also be presenting several interesting new projects. All related to their popular Viking strategy game Northgard. Plus new details on the next big expansion. As well as a (soon to be unveiled) secret game.

Darksburg is due to release in 2020. Coming to Windows PC. But Linux is certainly on the horizon. So be sure to Wishlist now on Steam.

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