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DASH 2D Platformer releases in Early Access

dash danger action speed heroes 2d platformer releases in early access games for linux and windows pc

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes 2D platformer releases via Early Access in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Baby Duka. You can check it out now and face the challenge on Steam.

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is a unique 2D platformer. Since gameplay is both precision and speed based. Where the worlds you compete in are also created by the players. So you can take part in the ongoing quest. Trying to find the fastest runner. Watching as your creations challenge and intrigue.
You can also compete in the international Speed Leagues online. Or just be the creator. Watching people from around the world play your levels.

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes – Official Launch Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Before the Speed Heroes arrived to DASH Planet. King Slap’s horde of two dimensional platformer enemies were (fairly) content. Revelling in their slimy and jelly like bodies in DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes.
So now, after all the head jumping and diamonds disappearing. King Slap and his army are fed up with the Heroes. Since more diamonds disappear from the planet. While each day King Slap’s army grows. As new Heroes arrive to the planet every day. Doing so in their own dimension, all to show their speed and agility.
So welcome to the Galaxy of Speed. Where only the fast and wise will survive. While you avoid the spikes, walls and tongues. Kind of a speed runner of expanding worlds, DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes.


  • Dash, double-jump, triple-dash, bullet-jump and wall slide your way to victory in a world of colorful pixel art!
  • Create levels easily
  • Get your levels rated
  • Enhance your speedrun skills
  • A roster of Heroes with individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Unique power-up system with combos of extra power
  • Fool the enemies. Make them work for you or use their bouncy bodies to reach new heights!
  • Original sound track by various contemporary artists
  • Handmade pixel graphics by Baby Duka
  • Connect with runners and creators on the Discord server

Since DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes releases on Early Access. The 2D platformer games also priced at $14.39 USD. Since it includes a 20% discount until June 13th. The games available for both Linux and Windows PC.

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