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Dash Hale combat-based runner working on a port

dash hale combat-based runner game working on a port for linux after windows pc

Dash Hale combat-based runner game working on a port for Linux after Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Flat Voxel. Working to make its way onto Steam this December.

Dash Hale is combat-based runner set in a dynamic, freely rotating world. Where you run faster or slower by changing the ground incline. You can also turn it into a steep slope for sliding or drop to a free fall. Bringing your enemies down with you.

Flat Voxel is a solo game developer based in Brazil. Who has previously worked with web, mobile and console game programming for many years. Dash Hale is their third and biggest game. The music is once again made by the composer Bettina Calmon. While Linux support is still in testing:

If it [Linux] turns out well, should come out a few days after the Windows version.

Dash Hale development is using cocos2d-x. However, Flat Voxel are not very familiar with Linux game development. So the Linux port is indeed very possible after the Windows PC release. Something that the developers are still working on. But the main focus on making sure the game is ready for the December release.

Dash Hale – Trailer

Dash Hale merges a carefree, ironic take on the “lone hero saves the world” trope. While randomly combining stereotypical enemies and settings from the action genre. Along with an ambitious concept to provide an as yet unseen twist in an established genre. The autorunner allows the player to rotate the game world. Since this affect enemy behavior through the gameplay.

This way, it takes the “you never play the same game twice”, a step further. Beyond the levels being randomly generated, as expected, each one starts by combing enemies. All setting in a slot machine. Each Dash Hale setting has some unique obstacles. Allowing for many different combinations. Gameplay is simple, but keely so as it requires the player to explore several ways of altering the game world. All due to defeat enemies more effectively. There are also bosses for every level. Plus a tense chase sequence before each one.

Weapons consist of a pair of guns and katanas bound together. In Dash Hale, these are upgradeable separately after each stage completed. Every two stages the player will also choose one of two abilities. Including a blocking movement, counter attacking a blocked attack, double jump and more. These abilities change how you play game. The fact that they are arrange randomly for each selection makes makes the playthrough even more random.

The name comes from the inhale/exhale QTE mechanic. This occasionally allows the player to take short breaks and recover health.

  • combat-based autorunner
  • controllable game world
  • action genre parody

Dash Hale will initially be released on Windows, with plans of being ported for other platforms. Windows version will be released in December 2021 via Steam. Be sure to Wishlist the game.

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