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DASH a precision platformer and creation tool

dash a precision platformer and creation tool linux windows

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes 2D action precision platformer creation for Linux and Windows. Where players create their own levels and share them with the world. Coming Q1 2019.

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is somewhat similar to Ultimate Chicken Horse. At least as a first impression. Which also presents a unique style of gameplay. Including the placement of ememies in relation to game mechanics. Something that also has my attention. Since this makes DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes a unique game.

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes a 2D Platformer Creation Tool (Linux, Windows)


  • Build your own levels enemy by enemy, gap by gap, spike by spike
  • share your content with the community
  • master the mechanics and invent your own tournaments, race modes and play styles
  • monthly free updates with new tiles, heroes, game modes and more
  • full community support: discord, twitch and steam integration
  • full controller support. Yeah!
  • coming to steam early access fall 2018
  • for pc and consoles

Choose between a list of different

  • Blocksets, backgrounds and level sizes
  • Heroes with different weapons and stats
  • Weather and water levels
  • Music themes by various artists
  • Enemies & spikes
  • Goal tiles, crates, ammo
  • Special powers
  • and much more!

Since players can build action and precision-based levels in colorful pixel worlds. And use the game tools to set up puzzles and tricky paths. This is also impressive, seeing player will be able to share levels with the world.

So regarding the Early Access release. The updates will expand the catalogue of heroes, blocksets, backgrounds, etc.
Therefore this will become available to players via medals, achievements and XP. Where you can receive new unlocks, passes and assets.

Since the game will start slow. This means integrating the expansions over time.
Therefore, by the final launch of DASH. The game will also contain the optimisations and the most wanted features. Which will been tested and solidified by the community of DASH‘ers. That’s a technical term by the way.

Precision Platform release:

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes does not have a release date for Linux and Windows. The precision platformer is going to bring it’s creation features to Early Access by Q1 2019.

More details, such as release date and price are coming soon.

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