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Dawn of War III will debut on Linux and Mac

dawn of war III will debut on linux and mac via steam games

Since “I told you so” should be in order here. Hence Feral Interactive just #announced that Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III. Which is the latest episode in #RelicEntertainment’s formidable real-time strategy series. Which is due to be released for Linux and Mac on Thursday, June 8th.

So in Dawn of War III‘s 17-mission campaign. Players alternately command the heavy-hitting Space Marines and the savage Orks. Including the technologically-sophisticated Eldar as the warring factions fight for the Spear of Khaine. Hence the mysterious weapon that will determine the fates of all three. Massive armies and devastating elite units engage in spectacular tactical battles. Where the key to victory lies in taking advantage of each unit’s unique abilities. While outwitting and then overpowering the enemy.

Dawn of War III’s explosive multiplayer mode features fast-paced matches. Where two teams of up to three players per side battle for supremacy. While both Linux and Mac versions will be cross-platform compatible. Which available when playing on Steam.
Personallly, I kind of expected this sort of release. Mind you, I would appreciate being able to link up with other players across any platform. Therefore letting Linux reign supreme in terms of stability. While taking on other places for the Spear of Khaine.

Dawn of War III for Linux:

Here’s a recent comment via Reddit from Feral cross-platform multiplayer:

“The macOS and Linux versions of Dawn of War III use a different technology to synchronize multiplayer games than the Windows version. Changing it would’ve introduced the possibility of errors in cross-platform games, and likely result in a significant delay in the release of the macOS and Linux versions.

We hope to revisit this for a future update.”

“We’re delighted to bring such a hugely anticipated game to macOS and Linux”, said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. “Dawn of War III’s epic single-player campaign. And visceral multiplayer combine to deliver an exhilarating experience on a vast scale.”

Dawn of War III will be available through the Feral Store and Steam for $59.99/£39.99/59,99€.


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