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Day of Infamy is an open-ended World War II experience founded by New World Interactive and expanded upon by the Insurgency modding community. Taking the fantastic FPS platform of Insurgency, and using it to build on the massive global setting of World War II; Day of Infamy is set to bring back the amphitheatre of war through the community.

Insurgency has shown that realistic, tense FPS experiences are alive and more than well with more than 2 million players playing Insurgency today. With roots built deep in the modding community, the next step for New World Interactive is an ambitious WWII mod through the Steam Workshop titled Day of Infamy.

Unfortunately, we received noticed late yesterdasy, the reveal of the western front as Day of Infamy made the debut on the New World Interactive’s Twitch stream. However the past broadcast is still available for viewing.

Day of Infamy opens up Insurgency to the modding community in a way that is incredibly exciting to New World Interactive team. “Not only is Insurgency a great platform for a gritty WWII game, but with such a vast global setting where so many factions and locations may be represented, it is the ideal platform for a community-created game,” said Jeremy Blum, Founder and Game Director at New World Interactive. “Modders can create the factions and environments they wish to play in, and NWI will help ensure their work is integrated and accessible to the public.”

Two DoI maps also need to be subscribed to on Workshop, including the Normandy invasion with “Dog Red” and the Battle of the Bulge with “Bastogne”.

The manifestation of Day of Infamy is up to players as the project will be a collaborative effort. With such a wide-scale story to tell, Day of Infamy will offer the tools of Insurgency as a creative canvas to see historical vignettes recreated in map form, troops from all nations present, and modes designed to highlight the struggle of war.

Keep in mind, these mods are indeed Free and work nicely on Linux. Follow the links to Subscribe and expand your Insurgency gameplay.


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